When his voice invaded the radio waves or the cassettes of Koran, everybody could recognize the identity of the respectable recitor. He became, after a long shining way, the boss of a school which concerned with the art of reciting the Noble Koran. Between his birth in 1917 and his decease 63 years after, He got attached to the acquisition of all sciences that have any relationship with the Noble Koran. He memorised several masterpieces of reference. The best moments of his life were the ones in which he used to read the verses of the quite revelation with his own knowledge.
Sheikh Mahmûd Khalîl Al-Husarî was not only a recitor with a vibrating voice since there are lots of beautiful voices, but how many voices can leave an impact on the audience? According to him, reciting depends on rules and principles. Since his childhood, He was a lecture fan (‘îlm Al-Qirâ’ât) and became one of the preponderant figures who are concerned with this art and whose masterpieces are taught to students. He always kept in his mind the words of the messenger of Allah (PBUH): “the best among you is the one who learns Koran and teaches it”.
We are dealing with a reciting master, a person who contributed to the enrichment of literature and the Islamic library through many work pieces and lectures, and through several conferences that were done at the Egyptian, Arabic and Islamic Universities. Indeed, he remained the head of all Islamic recitors during twenty years and became a researcher academic member among many great scholars of Al-Azhar.